Freedom and Democracy Foundation is an independent non-government organization not linked with any political party. It was established in 2006 and since then it has been operating in two main fields: support for Poles in the East and support for the democratic changes in the area of former Soviet Union.

The impulse for the establishment of the Foundation was closing of two independent Polish magazines connected with Union of Poles in Belarus in the summer of 2005 by the Belarussian government. The necessity of publishing magazines for Poles in Belarus and gathering financial resources for this activity resulted in the establishment of the Foundation.

The Foundation operates basing on principles arising from Christianity and conservative beliefs. All the members of the Board of the Foundation have great and acknowledged experience of anti-communist activities in the Polish People’s Republic.

By realizing projects in both fundamental fields of its activity the Foundation also promotes knowledge about the Polish cultural heritage and the Polish history of the Eastern borderlands.

A significant objective of the Foundation is to regain the feeling of unity and to raise awareness of the necessity of cooperation between the nations that used to be part of the First Republic.

The most important projects of the Foundation include: support for the Polish media in Belarus and Ukraine, support for the development of the Polish education in Ukraine, remembrance of the Cursed Soldiers and promotion of knowledge about them, e.g. in the project “Tropem Wilczym. Bieg Pamięci Żołnierzy Wyklętych” (“Wolf’s Trail. Run to Commemorate the Cursed Soldiers”), finding graves of the soldiers of the Polish Army fallen near Lvov in 1939, projects aimed at activation of the Polish youth in the East, ten-year support for the independent television Belsat, support for the victimized in Belarus. The Foundation also runs the website

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