Baring in mind that every  community – be it local or national, is as strong as ties binding its members – we take many efforts to support the Polish diaspora worldwide.

In the year 2018 – one century after Poland regained its independence – we feel obliged to focus on celebrating that great anniversary. In order to make it popular with the youth, we asked young Polish people from Ukraine to make  presentations on their ancestors who experienced the rebirth of Polish statehood in 1918.

The anniversary, albeit extremely important, does not constitute the only target for our efforts. Over the past years, in Yaremche (Ivano-Frakivsk Oblast), we have been organising debates involving Polish ad Ukrainian intellectuals trying each time to sum up our relations and to chart directions for the future

Following the tradition of Polish gymnastic societies established even before WW I, we support Polish physical activity abroad, especially in Belarus. That is why Freedom and Democracy Foundation supports a local sports club from Grodno called “Falcon”.

Being conscious of the fact that no community or society can exist without a leader, all across former Polish borderlands (Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine) we organise courses whose goal is to identify natural-born leaders to be capable of coordinating future Polish initiatives abroad.

Another important worth-mentioning project would be “I’ll tell you about Poland – my tale” which consists in running a contest for the best puppet play after having invited a number of teenagers to Poland for the purpose of teaching them how to prepare such a show.

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