Within the framework of our public activity and in order to promote the idea of public society we pay much attention to helping people in need. We strongly believe that the profit it brings about is mutual and multifaceted.

First of all, as much as we can, we support our compatriots in Donbas (Eastern Ukraine) which fell prey to the Russian aggression in 2014. Many people there found themselves living in very difficult conditions due to lack of water, electricity as well as shortage of food. Freedom and Democracy Foundation made it possible for 67 Ukrainians of Polish ancestry to settle in Poland. For those who, despite everything, decided to stay in the warzone, we conducted several collections, thanks to which we bought cleaning & hygiene products, alimentation as well as bedlinen.

Secondly, we prepare Christmas parcels for Poles living in what is often called “Eastern borderlands” which nowadays are parts of Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine but belonged to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth back in the day. Once again the effort is put into helping our compatriots, by offering them long-term food and cleaning products.

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