There is no properly working civil society or nation without free and independent media. Quoting the authors of the American constitution, “we hold this truth to be self-evident”.

Therefore, each year Freedom and Democracy Foundation carries out a number of projects whose goal is to strengthen Polish media abroad.

Our long-term objective is to maintain the Polish “state of possession”, by which we understand the working knowledge of our language and history. The priority in this matter is given to former Polish borderlands which nowadays lay in Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine. Only in the last two countries  we support as many as 35 media titles (newspapers, radio broadcast, TV programmes, internet sites).

Freedom and Democracy Foundation, being seriously engaged in the East does not however forget about Polish societies in other part of the world. We help  our partners issue their titles mostly in Germany – being home, according to unofficial estimations, for a two-million Polish community We also help our compatriots in Canada, Australia and Turkey.

The idea of strengthening the Polish diaspora worldwide also consist in tightening relations between Polish people living in the same area. Such actions are possible thanks to socialising elements which are to be found in our actions.

Speaking of which, one should recall Polish media redactions established in the East – especially those having behind a strong and long-term tradition, e.g.: “Kurier Galicyjski” from Lviv or “Głos znad Niemna” issued in Grodno.

We also take efforts to help the media otherwise. Freedom and Democracy pays a lot of attention to publishing news form the East at the site which was and still is an international agora open to our compatriots worldwide.

Apart from that established the “Federation of Polish Media In the East”, gathering journalists form Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine so that they can express their opinions as a milieu.

In order to keep our readers up-to-date we took the effort of uploading every single Polish newspaper that we support. The full list of our titles and issues is available on the site: under the “Gazety Kresowe” tab.

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