dr hab. Piotr Drzewiecki, prof. UKSW

„News literacy. Opposing new threats of propaganda”

About author:
Media expert, doctor of theology of mass media, professor at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw UKSW (lat. Universitas Cardinalis Stephani Wyszyński Varsoviae). Deputy director of the Institute of Media Education and Journalism, Faculty of Theology at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University. Head of the Department of Media Education and Language Media. Editor-in-Chief of “Kwartalnik Nauk o Mediach”.

dr Magdalena Butkiewicz

Anti – Russian Propaganda or Rusophilia? The Image of Russia in the Polish Media

About author:
Associated professor at the Institute of Medial Education and Journalism of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University; her scientific interests include history of propaganda and manipulation in the media, history of media as well as the principles and ways of creating the medial image of public people and institutions

Dr Piotr Łuczuk

From Propaganda to Trolling – a Plot Theory or a Prelude for Hybrid War?

About author:
Journalist and theologian. A lecturer in the Faculty of Internet and Digital Communication of the Institute of Medial Education and Journalism of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University. Author of works on cyber-safety, informational war as well as the influence of modern technologies on social communication.

Jakub Biernat

Disinformation, that is Russian Sabotage in the Polish Media

About author:
Jakub Biernat is a journalist of the Polish version of the portal His academic background is that of a sociologist. Author of many texts and reportages published in the most important Polish newspapers and magazines. The author used information gathered by the authors of the fanpage Russian Fifth Column in Poland on Facebook as well as by the user Szurszur from the portal

Grzegorz Łęcicki

Historical Film as a Tool of Russian Imperial Propaganda

About author:
Professor of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Ph. D.,  theologian of culture and media; the head of the Faculty of Theology of the Media; researcher of audio-visual media, mainly of feature films and TV series

Antoni Radczenko

Lithuania at the Gunpoint of Russian Propaganda”

About author:
 journalist, active in the Polish minority in Lithuania, the chief editor of the Polish language portal and a member of the Polish Discussion Club. He cooperates with media in Poland, e.g. „New Eastern Europe“,,

Siarhiey Pieliasa

Kremlin media: Ukraine is weak and it is a threat

About author:
editor, author and head of the international weekly „Prasvet” in TV Bielsat, author of many reportages, e.g. about the revolution of dignity in the Ukraine, the situation in Donbas, protests in Armenia caused by the raise in the prices of electricity. Together with the American Centre for European Politics Analysis the Russian disinformational activities in the Belarus.

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